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Honouring the ancient and sacred Ragas

melodic arrangements that colour the mind of the listener with Emotion.


"I found the class very relaxing. When I first entered the room, I   was a ball of stress  from a long day at   work, but by the end  of the session,   I felt much calmer, more centered."



"Iqbal enjoys teaching   Qi Gong and it shows in the smiles from people in his class.  

 He makes it effortless  to get real physical  benefits even if you are out of shape, have physical restrictions or dislike exercise. I'd highly recommend taking a class with him."

Joyanna Anthony
Success Diva


Qi Ears Video
filmed and produced by Iqbal

Iqbal M. Ishani offers a step by step teaching DVD, produced by IMI Musik and Film Produktions which teaches the viewer "The 12 IQ's", in which he teaches the 12 movements used for flexibility in the joints, back, shoulders, knees and hands. Purchase the DVD here.

Iqbal also leads two Qi Gong workshops. The first is called "Taiji-Qigong" in which he teaches participants the 18 movements for the body and mind. The second is called "The 12 IQ's" or the 12 basic postures to improve health and reduce stress. Next workshop TBA. Private consultations available.

"Qi" means breath or vital energy of the body, and "Gong" means the skill of cultivating self-discipline. The practice of Qi Gong consists of physical movement combined with relaxation, mind-body integration, and breathing exercises.

Good health is a result of a free flowing, well-balanced energy system. Regular practice of Qi Gong helps to cleanse the body of toxins, restore energy an reduce stress and anxiety.

Qi Gong & Music to Relieve Your Stress
 Take A Chi Moment #6 - sitting, releasing shoulder tensions while working

Iqbal began studying Chi Gong in  1994 to help ease back pain. He first started publicly utilizing Chi Gong in 1999 while employed as a coach and trainer at DSA Munich, the German Academy for Actors. In addition to teaching script writing /editing and camera shooting, he began coaching actors using qi gong techniques to help relax the actor while in front of a camera.

He went on to study Qi Gong with Dr. Barbara Schmid-Neuhaus, Liane Schoefer-Happ and Dieter Mayer, earning his Certification as a Qi Gong Teacher in 2003.

He has continued and expanded his studies to include Meridian Chi Walking, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), anatomy and therapeutic exercise.

Iqbal has created and Produced a Music CD especially for  Chi Gong flowing movements called Chi Temple (33.15 minutes long).

Qi Gong Postures

Grounding the Feet

Tapping Meridians

Clock Dancing

Whole Body Stretch

Row the Boat

Open the Wings

Tortoise Neck

Kidney Massage

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